Why it’s hard being a person


Welcome to my blog again! I have missed this! So… DID YOU NOTICE MY NEW ‘LOOK’ FOR HALLOWEEN? If you haven’t seen it and are on the app go to the website now! *gives you a hug if you actually went*

So today, I will be ranting politely expressing my opinion on HOW MUCH PRESSURE THERE IS ON HUMANS AND HOW HARD IT IS TO BE ONE.

The thing is, if you aren’t a human you probably feel your life is harder than ours and maybe it IS true, but ranting makes me feel better so even you can grab (I was just about to say grab a glass of popcorn… what.) a tub (?) of popcorn, ugh leave it, grab some popcorn and get ready for a bumpy ride.

SIDE NOTE: Please don’t drop the popcorn I just bought this pickup truck and I am too lazy to clean it*


1. People

It is hard being a person because of people okay? People are really messed up… Being a person you need to deal with:

  • Stupid people who don’t know the difference between your and you’re
  • Racists
  • Sexists
  • Homophobes
  • Seriously narcissistic people
  • People who tell you to get of the internet
  • People who prefer Twilight over Harry Potter
  • People who don’t like chocolate

Thank you very much I rest my case.

2. Necessities

PEOPLE NEED TO DO RANDOM STUFF THATS NECESSARY! Sometimes I just wish I was a Alpaca or something… Just imagine this highly distressing scenario. You are reading a beautiful book right before going to bed, and after reading the book for sometime you start feeling sleepy and you just want to simply close the book and sleep.


Since you are a human (assumption) you need to do this weird thing called brushing your teeth, so you make this sorrowful trip to the bathroom to rub this weird object that had plastic hair like structures on it on your teeth so that your teeth don’t rot. UGH.

(If someone names the tv show this gif is from I will give you a reward, because I grew up watching this)

3. Expectations

People expect a lot from other people. Like if I was a cutsey little pebble I wouldn’t have to live up to my teachers’ expectations and be under the pressure to get an A+ on a test. Sad. *sob sob*

But on the bright side, if I WAS a pebble I would also be kicked around the street by annoying little kids with runny noses.

4. We need to go to school

Not every human has the opportunity to go to hell  school, and maybe we should be grateful for being able to attend school, but think about it this way… if we WERE NOT human we wouldn’t have to go to school ANYWAYS. Because you don’t need to grow up and get a job to not starve to death if you are a panda…


But it’s not THAT bad I guess… um… I am fine.

So what did you think about this? Why do you find it dissappointing to be a human? Like I could live in the moment and all, but I am better at complaining so here you go.

Oh.. plus point for being a person, we have the internet and gifs…

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Vogelstand flying away xx

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*what is all this pickup truck rubbish?


Homosexuality + LGBT community


So, homosexuality. Attraction to people of one’s own gender.

Why is it such a big deal? Why doesn’t society accept it? These are some of the questions that I shall be answering (or at least try to answer) today *sips tea* so welcome to going serious with Vogelstand.

Phew, there is A LOT to be discussed on this topic and I WILL NOT be able to cover it all, so I’m just writing what I think are the most important points okay?

Let’s begin with society’s point of view on homosexuality, first of all, a lot of us feeling the need to write or talk about the subject (including myself) tells us a lot about the situation itself. It tells us, that this is a topic that needs to be openly talked about… Right? 

And yes, just like sexism, racism and most problems in our godforsaken society, the stigma against LGBT communities is lessening, but it is definitely there and it is definitely very major. In fact, in approximately seventy-five countries being homosexual is considered a criminal offense and is punishable by law. *does weird disappointed mind blown gestures*

There you go, if this does not make you angry I don’t know what will.

We might think we all have a progressive mindset but the laws of seventy-five countries prove us otherwise.

Why is it that homosexuality is found in over 450 species but homophobia is found in only one? 

Now let’s proceed and address the statement very dear to a lot of homophobes, “The Bible forbids homosexuality, god hates gays. I am a homophobe because God was one hahaha”  I partially agree, the Bible does state that homosexuality is a sin but it also states that all “sins” are equal, a sin is a sin, and it further states that all of us are sinners. (all you sinners stand up sing hallelujah, hehe)

Therefore, as per my understanding, homosexuals should be treated and regarded the same way as each and every one of us, because we have all committed “sins” such as fibbing, telling lies (even white lies) etc. We should all be regarded as equals.

And unlike liars and fibbers, homosexuals don’t harm anyone in the slightest, the worst they could do is make some people uncomfortable…

“In itself, homosexuality is as limiting as heterosexuality: the ideal should be to be capable of loving a woman or a man; either, a human being, without feeling fear, restraint, or obligation.”
―Simone de Beauvoir

Okay, some people are homophobes for whatever dumb reason they have, but people who actually support the community are being treated with hostility and that’s really unacceptable… A church blocked lectures by a priest because he supported gay equality! That is so messed up!

Just like you don’t need to be Jewish to not be a Nazi, you don’t need to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community to support it! I myself, am not homosexual, but I believe in LGBTQ+ rights, as much as I believe that the earth goes round. It is common sense really!

Hopefully, I answered a few of your questions, but I have questions of my own, I couldn’t find answers to…

Why do people hate homosexuals? Why can’t we just be happy for others? Why can’t we accept the fact that being gay or lesbian is not a ‘phase’?  Why can’t we let love be?

The thing is, love is love, and true love does not see gender or sexuality, and love is definitely not a choice.

That is what I have for you!

Thank you so much for reading! What do you think about it? Is there any other social topic you think needs to be addressed and would like me to write on?

vogelstand flyinaway xx

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What if… (I am so sorry)


Let me start of by asking you a question… Are you one hundred percent sure, that you are alive? (Be ready with your answer in 3…. 2…. 1….) If your answer was yes, then here’s another question for you, WHAT is your definition of being alive? 

(Answer this in the comments)

Why I am asking you this is because when I was coming back from school today, I had this thought… though it wasn’t for the first time.

How can we be sure that we are truly alive, and that we are not just a simulation or a dream? How do we know that we are not in the future about 150 years from now, in a deep slumber, and this is some sort of dream we are having…

My friend and I were actually discussing this and what if there is some sort of a force that keeps us from thinking hard enough, to break the barrier between this dream and reality?

What if in the real world we are actually being tortured, and this planet is our definition of paradise about which we are dreaming… or the other way around.

What if all the other characters in our life and simply figments of our imagination… and what if it was your destiny to read this post so that you become aware that this is not reality?

WHAT is being alive? What is existence? Are we living a lie?

I don’t know… and I am so sorry, for having started that train of thought in your head now.

I swear I am not insane 😂 (at least I hope I’m not) but don’t you guys have these thoughts?
Thank you for reading!

Vogelstand x

QOTD: Who is your favourite olympian?

AOTD: Athena and Artemis!

A letter to Death


Guess who’s exams are now officially over? THIS GURLLL! Yay! *does an awkward disco dance thingy* So now, I can finally breath post properly! Though now I am really nervous confident for my results!

So here is a letter I wrote today, I actually don’t think it serves any purpose it was just really fun to write!

The letter/ introduction thingy begins NOW:

The following letter was found in the ruins of Babylon. Scientists have been trying to find out of the events occurring in the following letter, were true but have been unsuccessful so far.

Dear Death,

How have you been? I would be lying, if I told you I am not willing to greet you, and it has been a long time, nearly a century I suppose. The villagers call me crazy, for having remembered what you are like, but I cannot remember life without you, simply lingering around. Many commoners enjoy using your name as a threat; they are foolish, for not knowing you for who you truly are. It is a blissful feeling actually, not knowing what will happen. I remember, it was the 31st October, the night they now call Halloween…

I was actually quite happy, in my hospital bed, the potions they made me drink, were doing their job and numbing my pain, but I knew the pain was there, the potions just shielded me from it. Then I slowly became aware, aware of the movement of air around me, aware of the hushed voices of the healers, and aware of your cloaked figure coming towards me, smiling, somewhat kindly. I couldn’t see your face, the hood of your cloak was covering it, and I am grateful for that. Then I realized what was happening, I was dying. I felt myself turn into vapour, I remember looking down and seeing my body, pale and watery like the first droplets of rain, I saw the healers shaking their heads, but showing no emotion on their faces, and then I remember glancing sideways, looking at you as a single tear made its way down your cheek.

“Why do you cry?” I had asked, “Is this not what you are meant to do?” “It being my job, does not mean I take pleasure in doing it, it feels as though a part of the fire within me extinguishes with every breath I snatch,” you had replied, I nodded solemnly, “You shall be on your own now, good luck, I hope to not see you soon” you had whispered one last time, and then the darkness engulfed me whole.


I still do not understand the fearsome image of yourself that you have painted, nor do I comprehend why the population fails to realize how you help relieve them of suffering, but I ask you for one favor. Take me with you again. It has been a hundred years, and I am now tired of the treacherous games, life has been playing with me, and tired of these obstacles. So, old friend I write this to you, from my hospital bed, as the potions numb my pain once again, take me once and for all. Take me with you, into the darkness.


Your old friend,

Cersei Rodina.

That is what I wrote… Did you like it? Any feedback ya’ll might have? Let me know! For some reason, as I was writing this, I was picturing Death as an anime character for some reason😂

So that is what I have for you guys!! Thank you so much!

Vogelstand x


Advice for y’all


How are you guys? So I have finally got advice for all you troubled souls and I honestly didn’t expect so many responses but here I am, pleasantly surprised! Yay! *claps hands excitedly*

So let me just give you guys the advice I have…

Hello internet! I would love to stay calm and collective but I KEEP WRITING IN ALL CAPS AND FANGIRLING. PLZZ HELP!!

-Ava Blogss

Dear Ava Blogss,

I am sorry to tell you but you have the OMGICE syndrome. The Oh My God I Can’t Even syndrome. Which, most of us here have, it means you are a really obsessed fan and you need help. If you want to keep your cool in real life, I think maybe you should take to going on sites like tumblr so that most of your ‘fan’ I shown on the internet and not in real life! Feel free to discuss  fandoms and you can email me if we have fandoms in common!

Hoped to have helped!

I actually feel like I am not being myself lately, I feel afraid to express my opinion in the fear that I’ll be mocked and jeered at… This is really starting to impact my school performance and all what should I do? PLZZZ HELPPP!

-Does it really matter?

Dear Does It Really Matter,

I am sorry to hear about this, I just want you to know that it is okay to be wrong. And if people laugh at you I think it’s best to take it in a positive manner, laugh along… and never NEVER not voice your opinions. Your opinions are as important to your well-being as the elder wand is to Voldemort. So, don’t be afraid, because the worst that could happen is that they laugh at you,once or twice and then they’ll get tired of laughing and they will realise the value your opinion has and agree with you. Just promise me you’ll voice your opinion next time.

Hope to have helped.

How do you let go of a friend?


Dear Isa,

Before I give you any advice I want you to know that I am speaking from experience. Letting go of a friend can be very difficult. Just know that whatever happens, happens for good. I actually had a friend in grade six and we used to be inseparable, then she went and got herself a boyfriend, dyed her hair, you know all that stuff. And I realised that the people you need to let go, are the ones not worth keeping. I do miss her sometimes, but you can outgrow people just as you outgrow clothes, and after-words you will eventually find clothes that fit you better, and you will learn to love them. Try talking to the person and try figuring out  if they value you as much as you them. If no, then it’s probably best to let them go. I hope you don’t need to let them go though… best of luck.

Hope to have helped.


That is all I have for you!

I really hope the advice helped in even a TINY way possible!

If you have more troubles you can ask me on my advice column.

Thanks for reading!

Vogelstand flying away xx



It’s your friendly neighbourhood Vogelstand! Soooo, I know I said I won’t post till the fifteenth but then I realised that I had this poem written from long time back and that it kind of follows the theme.

My last post was about feminism, and how women are looked down at by society, so why not make this about society? Right?

This is a poem I wrote long time back and this post is a scheduled post! So I hope you guys like it…

(I haven’t edited it since when I wrote it and future me will probably cringe about it later on but I am too lazy!)


Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder,

But she is now, the insurmountable boulder.

The standards, the expectations they are too much to take,

I could do what I want to do, but there is too much at stake.

What if I went wrong? I cannot handle the fiery stares of hate,

I feel like I would burn under them, crippling might be my fate.

She preys upon you, and waits, watching your every move,

Making mistakes might be natural, but of flaws, she does not approve

Perfection is what is important, for personality she does not care,

You might think this is an injustice, but she is not known for being fair.

You might think inner beauty is what counts, she begs to differ,

Beauty is all in the looks, people are too hard to decipher.

If upon you she puts her fiery gaze, you shall burn and smoulder, 

You might not believe it now, but society is the insurmountable boulder.

*                                 *                                      *

DUN DUN DUNN that is all I have for you guys today! I hope you liked the poem and let me know if you think I should change something in it. Do you understand it?

Alsoooo, I have a question, you guys are amazing people, and I would really want to collab with you, but I don’t know how exactly it works… So if you have wisdom and knowledge about how people collab please let me know!

Anyways, THANKS FOR READING! LOVE YOU GUYS! And I would really like to know you guys more so you can email me at vogelstandblog@gmail.com if you want to!


Vogelstand xx



How are you (yes, I am talking to the people who are reading, oh wait there aren’t any HAHA) so today, might be a little serious a little preachy, a little essay-typey but it’s a topic that is very close to my heart, feminism. So lesss gooo

unnamed (4)

Let me start by saying that feminism is not what A LOT of people think it is. It is DEFINITELY not the idea that women are greater than or superior to men. It is not about superiority at all, actually, as Marie Shear has said “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”

Social media (yes, I am looking at you, tumblr) has made feminism seem like some man-hating movement which it is not. Feminism is not even all about women, it is actually equality for all races, castes, genders etc. It is simply believing that all people are equal.

unnamed (3)

Many people believe that feminism is not needed now. Sure thing, back in those days, it was much worse. Women were made to stay at home, forced to marry, they were even considered ‘impure’ in some parts of the world, it may not be as prominent now, but patriarchy is still there.

In villages, women who give birth to girls are being looked down upon, daughters are being murdered, young girls are not being provided with education and I could really keep going on… Just because we fail to see it, it does not mean it’s not there.

“In most parts of the world when a girl is born, her wings are clipped and she is not able to fly”  -Ziauddin Yousafzai

(Go me, for just throwing a nice quote there, out of the purple)

I can already hear the arguments that are going to come, ‘This is all happening in parts of this world that are not even properly developed yet, how do you expect them to know?’ Sexism is not only there, take the gender pay gap for instance.

“The gender pay gap is the average difference between a man’s and a woman’s remuneration.”

And the pay gap had been made illegal in 1963 because of the equal pay act, however, there is still a difference. The gender pay gap (globally) is between 4.8% even after it has been made illegal.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, in 2013, female full-time workers had median weekly earnings of $706, compared to men’s median weekly earnings of $860. Women aged 35 years and older earned 74 to 80% of the earnings of their male counterparts.

And this is in the United States of America, most of America knows about sexism…

However, it is important to know that it’s not only women who are being victimized. Society pouncing at men for showing emotion because that is not ‘manly’ is victimization. Men are expected to be ‘the strong ones’ and have at times been society’s punching bag.

Feminists are people (notice how I don’t say women) who stand up for their rights as well as for others’,and are strong believers that equality is deserved by all. Regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, caste etc.

unnamed (6)

Even if you are not keen on becoming a feminist, I implore you, stand up and get yourself heard. I request you don’t let society define you, don’t let society tell you where you stand, don’t let society treat you the way it pleases and don’t let society bully you into silence, because every word has consequences and every silence does too.

So here’s to strong women, strong men, strong people, may we encourage them, may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them.

Other amazing posts about feminism and/or equality

1. Lonelymemes: dear homophobes

2. Tanisha’s : what is feminism

And that is what I have for you! I am sorry for the lack of gifs in this but I didn’t feel the need to put them in!

Let me know how you liked this and comment your opinion!

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Thank you so much for reading! I will see you next on the 16th of September (EXAMS UGHHH)

Vogelstand xx

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 6 Reasons Why School Is blah. 


It’s mee! (Wow talk about pointing out the obvious) Welcome to my little rant about why school is blah. I hope you relate to it… and if you don’t go to school, I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!

So here is my rant on why, school was created by The Devil. Oh wait, no that was not it, here is my rant on why school is BLAH! P.S. BE PRPARED FOR TRASHY GIFS.


You probably knew that this was going to be the first one… but it definitely deserves the title. Homework is just BLAH. I swear, my math teacher right now gives us homework that is atleast 3 times of what we do in school.

I quote her, “You have sixteen questions for homework, each question should take you two minutes, that makes it thirty two minutes, but I will be lenient and give you thirty five minutes.”

And as my best friend says, (wow, am I really going to quote her? I just have cool frens) “Homework is Satan’s gift to earth.” I fully stand by this statement and this is probably why she is my best friend.


“Exams, when schools judge how intelligent we are by the amount of facts we can’t be bothered to remember.” -Daniel Howell.

Exams are nerve-wracking, anxiety-starting and dream-killing machines. As a matter of fact, my exams are actually starting in two weeks, and I feel DEAD.

Exams make you a brain dead zombie and with this I rest my case.


This might not actually be that relatable, but my school has worse food than they would have had in prison…

How can someone expect me to eat disgusting food that is barely eadible? (If you relate to this HIGH FIVE!)

This has WAY TOO MANY gifs and memes BUT…

MWHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! Sorry I’ll just leave.

4. Physical Education 

Okay, I know. Some of you would actually be looking forward to PE in school (I have a lot of respect for you, by the way) but I might be the most physically unfit potato ever, and PE is just an hour of BLAH-ness.


In my school when my class misbehaves (that sounds so funny!) teachers threaten to take away our PE and everyone is just moping around and I’ll be like…

Half my day is wasted, we have RANDOM stuff in my school that is not even necessary. Like, we have one hour swimming every Thursday, and no one even swims! We also have library, AS A PERIOD. 

You can’t force people to read, those who want to will come to the library in lunch and all (like I am an avid reader and I go to the library, which also leads to me being antisocial and all, but that’s not what I am ranting about okay😂?)

What I am trying to say is, instead of having all these useless periods they should just have three hour long school.

6. It starts WAY too early.

!FINE! You want to make school long do that, WHAT IS THE POINT of it starting at eight in the morning?! Like, couldn’t it just start at ten, so all students wouldn’t become sleep deprived zombies?

7.(because six is not bad enough) MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWER HOUSE OF THE CELL.

Okay, the topic is kinda vague, let me explain. School doesn’t actually teach us anything important (with a few exceptions of course) for example school is not telling me about how I should be paying my taxes, or what can we do to stop potential wars or something, instead….

It tells me “MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL.”  Sorry to burst your bubble my dear schooling system, but I don’t really care. I want to know about things that will actually help, not about the powerhouse of something I cannot even see.

(I DID NOT EXPECT to find this gif but LILLY AYE!)

And admit it, most schools ‘how this is helpful in real life’ questions are like (true story by the way): A tree gets broken into two parts, the part that touches the ground now is 8m long, the base of the tree is 5m long find out the distance between the top and the base using the pythogoras theorem.’ 


No good sir, for I have the power of triangles!”

*laughs awkwardly* That is the ending of my rant! And if you actually read the whole thing… WOAH I HAVE SERIOUS RESPECT FOR YOU!

Let me know about how your life sucks and we can have an existential crisis together!

Link to mon verewy own advice column:https://goo.gl/forms/2ffibac3I5AVEr7a2

Vogelstand flying away xx

Le Advice Column! 


Is there anything that is bothering you *random person says yes* are you troubled all the time *random person #2 says yes* THEN I PRESENT TO YOU LE ADVICE COLUMN!!!!

Soooo, why am I doing this you kind souls might ask, well I just want to help you guys in whatever is bothering you, and since you do not know me in real life, I figured it won’t be awkward for you…

As a bonus, if you are afraid to reveal your internet identity as well, it will be COMPLETELY anonymous. Even I would not know who you are!

Soooo, how will this happen you kind souls might ask, well I made a google form that you could fill anonymously and I will post my replies on the blog, which I hope is fine. I will address you by your pseudonym, because I feel that the problems you might have could also be troubling someone else, so technically you are helping as well!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for this!

Here is the link to le advice column! And please do not be shy, I swear upon Frank Iero that this is totally confidential and safe:)

Thank you all for so much support (and 21 followers!!!)

And this is Vogelstand flying away xx

Link to column here as well: https://goo.gl/forms/2ffibac3I5AVEr7a2

Liebester award!


    You must have guessed the purpose of this post by the title but what is a post without reading the title out dramatically… 


    (When I got to know this I was almost as excited as I would have been meeting Tobias Eaton)

    Thank you so much Misabella for nominating me! I TRULY appreciate it! 

    Here are the rules for this award thingy:

    • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
    • Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
    • Nominate 11 other bloggers.
    • Ask 11 new questions for them to answer

    Here are the eleven questions Misabella asked me!

    • If you had to live on one food, what would it be?
    • Name your best feature?
    • Do you believe in horoscopes?
    • What was the last book you read?
    • Movies or books?
    • What are 5 words to describe yourself?
    • What is your biggest pet peeve?
    • What is a fun fact about yourself that few people know?
    • What are you wearing as you are writing this?
    • If you could abolish one law, what would it be?
    • What is your fave song at the moment?

    So lets get STARTED! (Yahhh)

    1. My answer earlier would have been pizza, but this summer I went to the Grand Canyon, and over there we survived on pizza and mexican food. Believe it or not, I was sick of pizza! 

      I would probably choose chocolate now, or noodles maybe.

     2. I don’t think I really have a best feature, maybe my eyebrows? I don’t really know!

       3. No I don’t believe in horoscopes ( I feel like I will end up using too many gifs so no gif for this question😂)

    4. The last book I read was actually A Series Of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket (9) and I didn’t really like it, I found the writing too childish.


    (Sorryyy could not resist)

    6. Lazy, logical, loathesome, lame, carefree.

    7. Ignorance.

    8. I am ornithophobic. (People know that actually😭😂)

    9. I am wearing black shorts (exercise shorts, I have no clue why) and a black tshirt with 1/7000000000 written on it!

    10. I don’t know (I feel too lazy to think!) 

    11. BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY, BILL BILL BILL BILL! (I saw a Bill Nye Video today! does this count?)

    So there we go! Those are my questions answered! Now I need to ask questions!

    Here are my nominees:

      Please do it if you guys want to (or if you have not done it)

      And here are my questions

      • Tea or coffee?
      • Favourite TV SHOW?
      • Favourite colour?
      • Would you rather kill five puppies or get injected with ebola?
      • Favourite place to eat?
      • All time favourite book?
      • All time favourite movie?
      • All time favourite band?
      • Dog person or cat person?
      • Death or insanity?
      • What do you aim of becoming (profession)

      That is all I have! And off I go! Thanks again Misabella! And thanks for reading!

      Vogelstand flying away x